Former Politician Calls For The Removal Of Peleliu Governor From PNOC

A former Palau politician and compact review ambassador is calling for the removal of the Peleliu State Governor from his position in the Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC).

In his letter addressed to PNOC President Delegate Frank Kyota, prostate former politician and compact ambassador Joshua Koshiba is calling for the removal of Peleliu Governor Temmy Shmull as Vice President of PNOC due to a pending criminal case against him.
In his February 18 letter, Koshiba expressed that based on the goal of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in which PNOC is a member, he urges the committee to remove Governor Shmull from its membership.
He went on to express that Shmull is quote “presumed innocent until proven guilty, but his involvement in PNOC will definitely tarnish the image of PNOC, and at the same time send a wrong message to our athletes as well as sports leaders and athletes in the Micronesian region.”
Koshiba cited the case of India to which the IOC suspended a few years ago based on alleged corruption, government interference and not following IOC guidelines.
Governor Shmull also serves as the Chairperson for the Team Palau Organizing Committee, which is currently preparing for the 2014 Micronesian Games in Pohnpei.
Shmull is facing a count of soliciting prostitution, a case that is still pending in the Supreme Court.