Palau’s Top Prosecutor Resigns

Posted on by Oceania TV News

Palau’s Attorney General Victoria Roe is resigning from her position after serving as the nation’s Attorney General for more than a year.

In a statement received by OTV, treat Roe expressed, pill “It is with great sadness that I will be leaving the Republic of Palau. I have been honored to be appointed Attorney General by President Remengesau Jr. to serve this nation. However, page I have found that I have a significant difference of opinion with the Minister of Justice such that I cannot do my job effectively under these circumstances.”

This year, AG Roe was under fire for the context of the 2013 U.S State Department Trafficking In Persons report, and for “failing” to produce an analysis on the report.

During the January 2014 public hearing conducted by House of Delegates Judiciary and Government Affairs Committee, the House members blasted Roe. Delegate Jonathan Isechal further called for her termination.

Its uncertain if the controversy surrounding the report and statements made by lawmakers during the hearing had a hand in her resignation.

Since becoming the nation’s Attorney General, Roe has worked with multiple agencies and community partners through the Juvenile Justice Working Group in constructing a juvenile detention facility as well as creating programs for juveniles.

She also worked closely with the courts, the Bureau of Public Safety and other agencies in successfully prosecuting cases including violent crimes, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and other criminal as well as civil cases.

With her resignation, it’s not clear who will take up her position as the Republic’s top prosecutor. During her recent vacation leave, Assistant Attorney General Perry Kendall Junior served as the Acting Attorney General.

Roe served as an Assistant Attorney General during former President Johnson Toribiong’s administration before becoming an AG. During her tenure she also served as the Acting Director of the Bureau of Public Safety.

The effective date of her resignation is April 8, 2014.


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