Palau's Police Bribery Case Remain In The AG’s Office; No Prosecution Yet


Police DepartmentThe case concerning five police officers that are accused of bribery have not reached the courtroom yet.
According to information from the Ministry of Justice, stomach the five police officers in question have resigned from their positions as intended.
However the case according to Acting Attorney General Perry Kendall Junior is still under investigation. The AG’s office is reviewing this case once more before moving forward.
The Acting AG disclosed to OTV that the case will be prosecuted soon following this investigation. He further expressed that it is “improper” to discuss the case at this point with a pending investigation.
Five unknown police officers, whose identities were not publicly revealed, were accused of accepting bribes in lieu of issuing citations to resident workers who may be in violation of Palau’s laws.
An internal investigation was launched by the Ministry of Justice to look into these allegations — as a result, five police officers were named, and subsequently resigned from their posts.
Unconfirmed information from sources claims that at least one of the five officers reportedly left Palau shortly after the internal investigation concluded.