PNCC To Introduce 3G Services To Palau

Palau mobile users will soon have access to mobile data services with a system upgrade by the Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC), cheap Palau’s sole mobile service provider.

PNCC’s PalauCel infrastructures are currently being upgraded to allow 3G or third generation mobile technology. The service will only be available in the Koror and Airai area, ed Palau’s most populous states.  According to PNCC’s press release dated on December 15th, adiposity a 3G site for Ngerulmud, Melekeok where the nation’s Capitol is located, is being planned.
While these populated areas receive a mobile system upgrade all other areas will remain under the same 2G mobile coverage.
The 3G system will not replace the existing 2G system, instead the upgrade will support both 2G and 3G services allowing mobile users to continue using their current cell phones.
This service upgrade will allow mobile users with compatible devices access to the Internet, video calls and possibly mobile TV services via their phones.
To access 3G mobile data services, all prepaid and postpaid mobile service users will be required to purchase prepaid airtime cards used for voice calls and text messages for 778 and 779 numbers. This service will be charged by data usage not time-based. It’s unclear how much will be charged as PNCC is still developing data rates.
Although this new system upgrade will not affect any of PalauCel’s current features and services, PNCC announced that the Credit Vault and Open Prepaid Roaming services would be discontinued.
“During the cutover to 3G, any active 770 numbers (Prepaid Roaming) will be transferred to the new system to avoid service disruption, but no new numbers will be issued after that”, states PNCC.
This new system is still being installed and tested. PNCC has not announced a launch date for service as of this report.
Online information indicates that 3G networks was first introduced to the world in 1998 while 4G, the latest network was introduced in 2008.