Palau Telecom Improves Internet Speed

About 160 subscribers in addition to hundreds of Wi-Fi users have been enjoying high-speed Internet services for the past few weeks. This is following the installation of Palau Telecom’s new service with O3b Networks.

The locally owned telecommunications company has been operating under a 30-day trial with O3b since mid-December 2014.
This trial period allows subscribers and WI-FI users free access to high-speed Internet.
This week OTV sat down with Sam Masang and Alan Seid who partnered up for this venture. Masang and Seid disclosed that the project took nearly 2 years from negotiation to installation.
Today two O3b satellite dish have replaced the larger satellite dishes that the company previously utilized. But according to Masang, cheapest both existing dishes now act as a back up.
With improved services, viagra Palau Telecom can now provide up to 50 megabytes of bandwidth compared to the previous 15. But Seid explained that the company has the company to increase above 50 megabytes when needed. A dedicated service is also stored for services such as live-streaming.
The purpose of the month long trial period is to allow both O3b and Palau Telecom to make necessary adjustments to the system as well as identify and address problems. Weather-related issues that have affected the delivery of services are one of those issues that was identified and later addressed during this trial period.
Because O3b Networks employ satellites with lower altitude than the conventional geo-satellites it reduces the latency period significantly, recipe this allows for faster Internet speed explains Seid.
With some final adjustments left to be made, the company is about a month away from completing all the required testing.
Both Seid and Masang expressed that they are happy with the installation, and are focused in delivering improved Internet service to its clients and the Palau community.
Subscribers and WI-FI users can stream videos, watch YouTube and engage in online services that were previously difficult or impossible.
Seid further expressed that the goal is to create a state-of-the-art telecom delivery service.
In addition to Palau Telecom, Palau National Communication Corporation (PNCC) is also working with O3b Networks to improve connectivity.
O3b stands for the “other 3 billion” people who don’t have any or good access to the Internet. The company has connected places like Tonga, American Samoa and East Timor to high speed Internet.

Two O3b Networks satellite dishes on top of Masang's building in Malakal, Koror
Two O3b Networks satellite dishes on top of Masang’s building in Malakal, Koror