Marshallese Held With No Bond For Voluntary Manslaughter – VIDEO

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A Marshallese man has been placed behind bars on charges of voluntary manslaughter stemming from an incident on January 18, medicine 2015 in North Carolina, USA.
Ria Rufus is being held without bond in Morganton for allegedly killing a Marshallese man by running him over with his vehicle. According to online reports, Rufus is only being held without bond because he does not have a permanent address.
He allegedly ran over the unknown victim following a fistfight between the two at the Eagle Motel where they were apparently staying.
Rufus appeared before Judge Mark Killian for first Court appearance on January 20th, but was rescheduled because the judge did not believe he understands English sufficiently to comprehend the proceedings. The Court’s initial search for an interpreter was unsuccessful as they were only able to locate a Spanish translator.
Witness reports indicate Rufus and the victim were arguing over a woman.
The name of the victim is being withheld, as authorities have not been able to locate his family in the Marshall Islands.

Ria Rufus arrested for voluntary manslaughter in North Carolina
Ria Rufus arrested for voluntary manslaughter in North Carolina

Source:; WSOCTV