New Shipment Restocks Palau’s Vegetable and Egg Supply

On March 20th Palau’s major grocery stores were restocked of vegetables and egg supply following two weeks without these imported and highly depended upon food items.

Days before the shipment arrived in Palau carrying these perishable items, erectile local restaurants refrained from serving courses requiring a variety of vegetables such as salads, and and meals requiring the use of eggs.
Though Palau’s local farmers also provide fresh supply of vegetables, link the demand is too large for these small farming businesses.
Some reports indicate the mass tourism from the People’s Republic of China during the Chinese New Year in February
The recent strikes in the United States West coast ports are reportedly too blame for the delay.
In spite of the fact that Palau farmers provide local produce such as kangkum and napa, most restaurants and hotels are dependent on imported produce that cannot be locally grown.
Additionally, the only local source of fresh eggs comes from the PMA Poultry Farm who suffered a massive blow last year when hundreds of its chicken suddenly died off from a still unknown illness. Sources say the farm only supplies fresh eggs to Surangel and Sons grocery store.
Its uncertain if this shortage would encourage local farming production and development to avoid similar problems in the future.