Online Petition Launched in Support of the Proposed Marine Sanctuary

A steady flow of support for the proposed national marine sanctuary continues to pour in through the new online petition launched by the Office of the President early this month.

More than a hundred supporters have signed the petition on supporting President Tommy Remengesau Jr’s initiative of closing 80% of the Republic of Palau’s exclusive economic zones to commercial fishing, this and urging the Olbiil Era Kelulau, Palau’s Congress to pass the legislation.
Though there are some locals opposing the creation of this sanctuary, the Congress and the President’s Office continues to receive overwhelming support from people around the globe.
Among the supporters is Palau Senator Rukebai Kikuo Inabo who commented, “I truly believe that the 80/20 Marine Sanctuary will serve the best interest of Palauans. 50 miles from shoreline would be for locals to fish while 150 miles outer part of the 200mi [sic] EEZ would be preserved to grow and restock depleted fishing grounds”.
Cementing her support she further added, “To me this would be the most idyll [sic] conservation concept that would support our traditional way of life. I support the marine sanctuary as in amended proposal.”
With her public comment and support for the creation of the 80% no-take zone and 20% exclusive for domestic fishing, the President can guarantee at least one yes vote in the Senate.
The legislation, which would create this sanctuary, in under “extensive review” in the Senate Committee on Maritime, Environment and Protected Areas in which Senator Inabo is a member.
Committee Chair and veteran Senator Mlib Tmetuchl, last month, stated the legislation has gained significant attention and support, but other contrasting views, “have not been accorded similar review”… “It is incumbent upon this Senate Committee to conduct extensive review of all documents and consider all of the differing views submitted.”