Chinese Flag Removed from Sunken Japanese Warship in Palau

The People’s Republic of China national flag found tied to the Iro, sick a Japanese oil tanker that sunk during World War II has been removed, rx sources say.

The flag, cialis 40mg which appears to be new in the photograph, is no longer attached to the ship.
Though Japan government has not publicly commented on the situation, Palau’s President Tommy Remengesau Jr on March 26, 2015 released a statement expressing his disappointment over the desecration of this famous relic. “Relics of WWII are considered sacred”, he states. “…since the end of the war they have been significant assets to our tourism industry as dive sites and marine habitats.”
With merely two weeks remaining until His Majesty Emperor Akihito and Her Majesty Empress Michiko’s historical visit, the situation is an embarrassment for Palau and clear disrespect to Japan.
It also seems to be a “calculated insult” says Japanese historian Hiromichi Moteki, Secretary General of the right-wing Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact.
Moteki told South China Morning Post “the provocative actions” from the Chinese “comes as no surprise” to him, but expressed hope that the flag has been removed.
Though the vandalism act is disheartening in light of the historical visit by the Imperial Couple, the President encouraged “tour operators to be mindful of their customers and to always educate and encourage tourists to respect our historical and natural assets.”
The sunken warship is located only 8 kilometers from Koror and easily accessible to divers and tour operators.
Sources tell OTV that this matter is believed to be intentional. However, the culprit and his/her motives for dishonoring this historical treasure are still unknown.
Investigation into the matter is unlikely, sources say.