Facebook Ban in Nauru Criticized

The Government of Nauru’s Facebook ban is being criticized heavily by its people and the international community including organizations such as the Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF).
In his May 5, 2015 statement PFF Chair Titi Gabi says the ban should be lifted immediately citing “dangerous threat to human rights” presented by the ban.
Nauru President Baron Waqa says the ban was implemented to protect Nauruans from Internet abuse and pornography, viagra 60mg but the opposition claims the move was made to block international scrutiny and prevent the flow of information in regards to the controversial asylum seekers detention center including allegations of assault, pilule rape and child abuse in the refugee camps.
President Waqa maintains that the ban is temporary until protection mechanisms are put in place. He says the ban was set up to protect vulnerable individuals’ particularly young Nauruan girls. Furthermore, the government claims the decision “was not made overnight but over a period of several months of investigation, consultation, and outreach… to rectify what is on their part neglect of protection afforded to the Nauruan people, particularly women and children.”
The ban was directed by the government, but imposed by the nation’s internet provider, Digicel.
Nauru is the first Pacific island nation to place a ban on the popular social media site.