American Attorney David Shadel Disbarred

The Disciplinary Tribunal of Palau’s Supreme Court has disbarred private attorney and member of the Law Office of Kirk & Shadel, David Shadel, for improper billing of attorney’s fees to opposing debtors without authorization from the Court.

He will be given time to complete pending client matters and notify his clients to seek legal assistance elsewhere, but he may not accept any new clients.

As of June 28, 2015, the effective date of his disbarment, Shadel will no longer practice law in Palau.

This is not Shadel’s first disciplinary action by the Court. According to a Palau Horizon online report, Shadel was suspended from practicing law for a period of found months in early 2010 for harassing a debtor when collecting money owed to a company.

Shadel could be reinstated by order of a Disciplinary Tribunal at least two years after the effective date of his disbarment. To get reinstated the disbarred attorney must file a petition for reinstatement with the Chief Justice, who shall appoint a Disciplinary Tribunal and set the matter for hearing, states the Notice of Disbarment.

Shadel has been practicing law in the Republic for decades, prior to his private practice he served as the Chief Legal Counsel for Koror State for more than 30 years.

This matter stemmed from a disciplinary complaint filed by Jose Ise through his attorney Vameline Singeo in August 2014.