Filipino Charged With Murder for Stabbing Death of Roommate at Palau Vacation Hotel

Palau Vacation Hotel in Malakal, Koror
Palau Vacation Hotel in Malakal, Koror

Philippines national Roy Ybanez, who allegedly stabbed his roommate to death at the Palau Vacation Hotel last month, has been charged with Murder in the Second Degree.

Though it was earlier believed that Ybanez was suffering from depression, according to reports, the motive for the killing is still unknown.
On April 3, 2015, police officers responded to a call from Palau Vacation Hotel in Koror where they were met by hotel employees attempting to transport the victim Macdonald Legaspi down to the lobby. He was reported bleeding with a knife imbedded in his hand.

Following the stabbing, Ybanez made his way to the rooftop allegedly shouting to the police “shoot me, shoot me” before he intentionally fell into the waters below with his eyes closed. He was found unconscious and brought to the hospital for treatment.
During his first court appearance on May 22, 2015, Ybanez entered a not guilty plea before Chief Justice Ngiraklsong.

He remains housed at the Behavioral Health awaiting further court proceedings.

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