Senate Employee Charged With Negligent Homicide for Fatal Crash

A young Senate employee has been charged with negligent homicide for killing Linda Santos, 24, while she slept in a parked car waiting for her husband’s shift at work to end.

One count of negligent homicide has been filed against Reigert Blelai, 20, who caused Santos’ death when the government-owned vehicle he was driving in the early morning hours of May 28, 2015 crashed into the victim’s car.

Santos’ husband was in the process of raising the flags in front of the Palau Community College (PCC), a few feet away from where she parked when the fatal accident occurred, according to reports.

She was rushed to the hospital but died of her injuries less than an hour later.
Blelai allegedly took the government vehicle belonging to the Senate without proper authorization. The matter is said to be under investigation.

The Senate has yet to release any information regarding this alleged internal investigation.
Negligent homicide, a felony, is punishable by jail sentence of up to ten years and an optional fine up to $25,000.

This case marks the third fatal car accident recorded in Palau this year.