International Aid Support Relief Efforts in Drought-Stricken Areas

All incoming international aids are designated to provide relief to heavily affected areas in Palau.
Olkeriil Kazuo, Press Secretary for Palau President and PIO of the National Emergency Committee (NEC) told OTV that majority of international aid and relief goods donated or committed to Palau are designated to provide relief to the most affected areas as identified in the water delivery schedules.
Areas to benefit from these aids are those receiving limited amount of water or none at all including multiple hamlets in Koror such as Ngermid, Ngerias, Medalaii, Ngerchemai, and Ngerbeched as well as Kesebelau in Airai.
On April 8, the government of Japan responded to Palau’s request for assistance by handing over jerry cans, water tanks and water purifiers – some of which are already in use.
Japan International Cooperation Agency’s (JICA) donated water bladders have been turned into water storage tanks in established water stations located in multiple areas in Koror and Airai. These stations provide alternative water supply options during non-rationing water hours when city water is off.
The donated jerry cans, according to Red Cross Society, allowed water distribution efforts to 201 vulnerable members of the community to continue without disruption. When Red Cross’ entire stock of drinking water emptied out, the agency shifted to filling up the 2 ½ gallon jerry cans using Civic Action Team’s portable water tank for continued water delivery to homebound and elderly citizens listed as vulnerable.
Clarence Masayos, Executive Director of Palau Red Cross Society said the agency is distributing water to those listed twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Although the agency previously distributed water daily, Masayos states, “The distribution schedule may be adjusted in the future depending on the need”.
A 20-foot container of drinking water donated by the Palau Community Association of Guam (PCAG) is aimed to serve the listed vulnerable citizens through Red Cross said Kazuo.
Donation of two reverse osmosis units, a system converting seawater to drinking water, committed by the Israeli government and a portable desalination system with a bladder from the United States military are expected to help supplement water distribution.
Kazuo tells OTV that these aids along with future assistance from the international community, friends of Palau and other individuals and agencies will be used to aid areas in need.
Like PCAG, Bay-Lau, a Palauan club in the U.S., have established a GoFundMe page to solicit assistance and mobilize efforts to aid Palau.
The Embassy of Palau in Japan and other Palauans abroad have also followed suit with similar actions as aid continue to pour in.

Water stations located all around Koror and Airai are set up using donated water bladders
Water stations located all around Koror and Airai are set up using donated water bladders