T-Rump: How the Media is Feeding the Beast

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no loss binary option indicator Not as crazy as most believe, Trump is baiting the media to maintain his domination over domestic and international media worth millions of dollars of free advertising at every turn. With his carefully crafted comments, the big bad tyrannosaurus donkey-ass knows exactly what he is saying as he flies close to the politically incorrect flame with a quick defensive response for every controversial comment he makes.


opcja binarna amerykańska T-Rump knows that there is no bad press and he believes that name recognition and speaking to the lowest denominator that he calls “straight talk” will propel his reality-based campaign into the White House. دراسة حالة بسيطة In our new paradigm news cycle where headlines outperform real investigative reporting, he has the advantage. Any other candidate would have to defend a wayward comment, but T-Rump assaults the media with the force of an automatic weapon giving no time for the media to discuss one bizarre comment before the next arrives.
This new, unbalanced media has also allowed for the propagation of extremist websites producing what they call news, but that are actually targeted propaganda. No longer do many get their news from a variety of balanced sources, but instead they subscribe to those websites that fits their viewpoint with no balanced perspective. Not long ago there were a few sources of newspapers and TV stations that may have leaned left or right, but all had regulations and news standards to follow, but no more. With more people getting their news from selected online sources, the polarity of the public continues to grow and reality based extreme political candidates will continue to prevail.

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fincar buy online no prescription Reporter Dan Rather was destroyed in 2004 for not properly confirming documents critical of former President Bush’s service in the Nation Guard, but in today’s world a presidential candidate can outright lie about other candidates with no evidence and get away with it.

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tradin con opzione binarie The press was once known as the fourth branch of the government keeping the other three in check.  But as the public increasingly craves sound bites instead of content and newsrooms move from investigative reporting to discussions on what’s “trending,” the future of our country will suffer and T-Rumps will continue to rise.

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