Palau – Mosquito Woes in Malakal

The hour of sunset, one of the most enjoyable times of day in the islands, is fast losing its appeal in some parts of Palau due to large clouds of mosquitoes plaguing areas of Koror.  The problem is especially noticeable in Malakal, where the water treatment facility is located.  As mosquitoes require pools of water to lay their larvae in, the treatment facility is a prime breeding ground.  Local restaurateur and bar owners, tour companies and other businesses are complaining that the pesky blood-suckers are driving customers away during peak Happy Hour times and many people in Palau are concerned about the risk of another Dengue outbreak, highlighted by the recent outbreaks in Yap.  To find out more information, I spoke with community advocacy program representative Gaafar Uherbelau and local resident Torsten Schaudt regarding some possible preventative measures.

During our crews visit to the treatment plant we sampled the water to find thousands of larva in only a 2 gallon sample.  We have tried for several days to get a comment from the Bureau of Public works who manage the treatment facility but there has been no statement.  According to CAP the mosquitoes swarming Malakal while annoying, are not the type that carry dengue.  If you have a mosquito experience story you would like to share please contact us a

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  1. Most mosquitoes can fly at most about 100 meters in a day, which restricts how far they can spread during their brief lifespan. Back in 2008 I got PALARIS to make me a map of the Malakal area with circles showing how far a female mosquito could get in 3,6, or 9 days. I will send you the map and the article on which it was based in a separate email.

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