Local Jewelry Designer in Palau

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Local Jewelry Designer
Mazel Higa's interview with Rondy Ronny

Rondy Ronny interviews Mazel Higa  a local  jewelry designer who just came from Los Angeles, troche California and originally from Ngarchelong, Palau is here showcasing her new line of jewelry design “earrings”.
Mazel Higa is a local Palauan who has set her sights on creating amazing works of art. But it isn’t just any piece of art, it’s jewelry. After graduating from the Pasadena City College with the intent to pursue a career in fashion designing she realized that although she is great with fabric she did not enjoy making clothes. She owns and designs her very own jewelry called Mayzani’s Jewelry. Designing jewelry from nothing but fabrics and beads. She considers each piece of jewelry as an accident as she lays everything on the floor and begins to create earrings ending up with what was better than her first intentions. She has come back to the island to teach and share what she has learned and to show that she is the real deal. Mazel Higa is not your average island girl she is a girl inspired to not only make the island look beautiful but as well as the people. To see her different types of designs visit her website at www.mayzani.com.

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