PCS Environmental Update

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In 2011, mind Palau Conservation Society (PCS) assisted the states of Aimeliik, Ngchesar, Ngaraard and Ngardmau create management plans for their protected areas. This year, PCS continues to assist communities, so it is helping the states of Kayangel, Ngeremlengui, Koror, and Ngarchelong develop and review management plans for their Protected areas. The Palau Conservation Society and the Belau National Museum signed a Memorandum of Understanding for BNM to conduct a  Palau Megapode (bekai) survey. The survey will be conducted in the Rock Island Southern Lagoon from this month until the end of October. The BNM will utilize the Forest and Coastal Bird Monitoring protocol. The data from this survey will be used by Koror State Coastal Management Program on the management of the Rock Islands.