Suspect Arrested in Stabbing Murder Case

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Sources reveal that a young Palauan male was arrested in connection with the stabbing murder of a Japanese chef behind B’s Izakaya’s Restaurant in Koror, adiposity Palau on Sunday Night.   The assailant is said to have made a confession.  OTV will continue to follow closely this case as the facts are released.

B's Izakaya's Restaurant Koror, Palau
B’s Izakaya’s Restaurant Koror, Palau

Norikazu Kobayashi, 44, a Japanese Chef  of B’s Izakaya’s Restaurant was stabbed to death in a brutal killing on Sunday, February 26, 2012 around 11:30 p.m. when he was taking out the trash.   The restaurant, which is located in Ngerbeched, is owned by Baret Ridep and managed by Masae Umemoto, a former JICA volunteer.
Ridep hired Smiley Matsuoka as the night security guard for the restaurant.  Smiley was interviewed by OTV on February 29, 2012.  Smiley said he was working the night of the murder and was at the front of the restaurant, but the stabbing occurred at the back of the restaurant.  Smiley says he “heard nothing and saw nothing.” Smiley described the victim as a strong Japanese male.  Smiley described the crime scene as “blood everywhere.”  Smiley says the victim was bleeding excessively from his stomach, but was still alive when police arrived.  The restaurant has been closed since the incident, but Smiley is still reporting to work as night security.
Ridep was interviewed by Island Times and explained that co-workers at the restaurant did in fact hear Kobayshi shouting for help that they even saw the assailant running and brandishing a knife.  Ridep claims that the neighborhood has been largely ignored by police patrol.  Ridep claims he requested that Koror State put up additional street lights to deter crime, but no action had been taken by the time of the incident.   Ridep will close the restaurant until after Kobyashi’s funeral and anticipates his business will suffer from news of the murder.
Sources claim that Mr. Kobyashi was stabbed more than 5 times.