Chais Era Belau

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  • A Japanese chef who worked at a local restaurant was stabbed to death behind the restaurant.
  • The office of the Pension Plan is asking the OEK to create a law to raise the contribution level to 20%.
  • Petition against the national dumpsite being held at Ngchesar circulating.
  • Korean Contractor sues ROP for alleged “bidding discrimination.”
  • Attorney General will assign Assistant Attorney General to review cases from the Office of the Special Prosecutor.
  • Senate lawsuit against President Toribiong rejected by majority.
  • Citizens of Sonsorol state voting new Government.
  • PCC releases new book showcasing the history of Palau Community College.

One Response to Chais Era Belau

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Palau is becoming known internationally for crime than for it’s natural beauty and prestine waters. It is a great shame for the country that should embrace the best life has to offer from the outside world instead, it has settled and accepted the mentality that crime is common in the world and therefore it is OK for Palau to experience crime sprees.