PCS Environmental News Update

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On Tuesday there was a meeting on aquaculture between the FAO and the Bureau of Marine Resources as well as members of the community who raise claims, physician fish and so on. The FAO through the Bureau of Marine resources came to Palau with a plan to start The Micronesian Association of Sustainable Aquaculture.  Or MASA. During the meeting they shared ideas to ensure that when MASA becomes official they can create a network between all the Micronesian Islands so that farmers can learn together. The FAO stated that Palau is a very good example when it comes to Aquaculture as well as assisting the development of MASA. People who attended the meeting varied from organizations such as Bureau of Marine Resources, PCC, Multi Purpose Marine Hatchery, Palau Aquaculture Clam Association, Rabbit Fish Hatchery, SE Palau Aquaculture, Peleliu State Government, Aimeliik State, PCS and other stakeholders. During the meeting, Umai Basilius from PCS suggested to the group to revisit the draft National Aquaculture Strategy plan in connection with MASA. The revisit will look at regulations, benefits, and challenges to the people and the environment. FAO is United Nations organization strives to protect food and food sources of the world.
Environmental news from Ngeremlengui state, on Wednesday, Lukes Isechal, Steven Victor and Elbuchel Sadang resumed assisting the Ngeremlengui Management Plan. Members of the Ngeremlengui Management Planning Team are Governors Wilson Ongos, Speaker Thomas Taro and members of the Ngeremlengui State Legislature, Abby Rdialul and Sisca Vogt from Ngermlengui Public Land Authority, Principal Patricia Franz from Ngeremlengui Elementary School and the Council of Chiefs of Ngeremlengui. The team continues to review the draft plan and will return to meet again on Wednesday March 7. The venue for the meeting is at PICRC at 6pm. Governor Ongos requested for Alan Olsen from the Belau National Museum to make a presentation on bird count of the Ngermeskang Bird Sanctuary, and Mark Defley of the US Natural Resources Conservation Service speak about the creation of hiking trails and tour guide training in conservation areas. The purpose of these meetings and revision of the draft Ngeremlengui Management Plan is to produce a permanent plan to guide the state government manage their 5 conservation areas.

PCS recieves Donation from Palau Royal Resort
Mr. Katsuhito Yamane presenting the donation to Mr. Elbuchel Sadang of PCS

On behalf  of the Board, management, staff of PCS, I thank the Palau Royal Resort for their 2nd cash donation to PCS within this year. On the right of the picture is Mr. Katsuhito Yamane presenting the donation to Mr. Elbuchel Sadang of PCS.
Thank you for watching this Environmental update for PCS about protection of Palau’s biodiversity.