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SDA Kings win ISL Championship 79-40 vs. KES Allstars
The Interscholastic League or ISL championships were held this week which featured the KES All Stars against the SDA Kings.  The SDA Kings came out on top 79-40 led by Carson Sumor and Cody Rower with 20 points apiece and Kib Gabriel was the top scorer for KES with 12points with Dorina Titiml  chipping in 4 points.  Congrats to the SDA Kings our 2012 ISL Champions!
2nd Annual Sechou Cup March 10th at Ngermid Dock
This year the 2nd Annual Sechou Cup will be held on March 10th from 8am to 1pm at Ngermid Bay.The Sechou Cup this year will host V1 and K1’s including V6 canoes.  The race is open to anyone that is interested in paddling or kayaking and no fees are required to enter.
Muriwai fisherman make record haul 335.4 kg Blue Fin & 358 kg Black Marlin
Really Big FishAnd in regional news Muriwai fisherman Nathan Adams and his crew hauled in a possible world record Tuna and Black Marlin this week.  The 335.4kg Pacific bluefin has yet to be verified as a world record. and the 358kg black marlin have already set Muriwai Sport Fishing Club records.  The possible  record catches were pulled in on this six-metre ”tinnie” called Western Break.  As the crew anxiously awaits to hear if they won the record, stomach Adams is having his black marlin being prepared for mounting by renowned taxidermist Kevin Flutey.  His next haul will be convincing his wife to mount the 335 kg fish which she says would be like mounting a sofa.
Palau Football “Kicks OFF”
And finally back in local Palau sports, advice The Palau Football Association kicks off their 2012 SPRING SOCCER LEAGUE this Sunday at the Koror State Track and Field. The 6:00PM match features KRAMERS F.C. vs. BIIB STRYKERS, order and at 7:00PM MASONS takes on BELAU CANOE CLUB        Come on out, bring the whole family and enjoy an evening of football in Palau.  That’s it for this weeks Mike-Ro sports!