PCS Environmental News Update

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Hello, viagra order thank you for joining us for this weeks’ PCS Environmental news update March, health 09 2012. My name is Yalap Yalap and here are the news update for the week.
We continue on reporting on management planning in states. Last week the Ngeremlengui Management Planning Team continued revisiting and revising the draft Ngeremlengui Management Plan for the 5 conservation areas in their state. The team continued working and completed the revision on March 7th. The final revised Ngeremlengui Management Plan will be distributed on March 31st. On March 31st, the Ngeremlengui Management Plan will be signed and endorsed Governor Ongos and the Ngeremlengui State Legislature. After the endorsement, Ngeremlengui state government will forward it s application of Ngeremlengui System of Conservation Area to PAN. The Ngedebuul Conservation & Resources Planning Team of Kayangel state’s that includes Ngaruangel Conservation Area, Ngkesol Reef, Ngeriuns Island, sacred places, and 12 nautical miles. The biosecurity plan for the islands of Kayangel was also discussed for prevention of re-introduction of invasive species such as rats, cats, plants and others. Another project discussed is called Livelihood Project, a coconut mill for production of coconut oil. On March 2nd, the 4th grade class of Maris Stella School went on a field trip to visit the Solid Waste Management program of Koror state, the Bureau of Marine Resources to see clams, fish, crocodile and turtles in tanks. Toward the end of the field trip, the student went to Long Island Conservation Park Area to birdwatch. Mr. Alan Olsen of the Belau National Museum and Ms. Heather Ketebengang of the Palau Conservation Society had a chance to use binoculars and birdwatch.
Thank you for watching this outreach program for the protection of island biodiversity from PCS. 🙂