PCS Environmental News Update

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Hello thank you for joining us this week PCS environmental update. I’m Yalap Yalap and here are the environmental updates for this week March 16 2012.
We will continue to report on the management planning of conservation areas of states. Ngarchelong Planning Team has completed the Ngarchelong Management Plan. A small hand over presentation of the plan was held at the Bai ra Mengellang in Ngarchelong state on March 8, viagra dosage 2012. The Honorable Browny Salvador, viagra order Governor of Ngarchelong State and Honorable Emanuel Maldengesang, visit web Speaker of the Ngarchelong State Legislature and members of the community, including Dr. Yimnang Golbuu and members of PCS were present at the presentation to witness the hand- over of the plan. Congratulations to Ngarchelong State for the completion of its conservation management plan that includes the Northern Reefs and the Ebiil Conservation Area. And now updates from Koror, work on the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon Management Plan is ongoing.
Once the final revised draft is completed, it will be reviewed by the RISL Executive Committee for final approval before forwarded to the Honorable Yoshitaka Adachi, Governor of Koror State.  This is projected by early April. Many states in Palau are in the process of completing management plans for conservation areas, to acquire PAN site membership. There are still unofficial criteria that were followed in creating the management plans and must be followed for reporting to PAN. States must have Annual Work Plan and Work Plan Schedule. The first criteria is, maintenance biological/cultural integrity “On-the-ground” conservation activities. The second criteria is, states must have the capacity to conduct monitoring survey of species and habitats, conduct education & outreach to communities, among other things. These are just some of the criterias, that the states have to know and follow. These are examples of education and awareness materials such as stickers, information sheets, CD and posters that has been distributed around Palau and Micronesia that can help increase knowledge. These publications are available at PCS for pickup by states to help their conservation area management programs.
Thank you for watching this island biodiversity awareness from PCS, I’m Yalap Yalap stay tuned for next week environmental update. 🙂