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Palau Football Association Game 1
Last week, ed the Palau Football Association kicked off their season with two games. In Game 1, the Biib Strykers beat Kramers F.C., 4 – 3 behind two goals by Mac Sasao – 1 goal s piece from Dave Shipper & Luke Caberte. After being shut out in the first half, Kramers scored all 3 of their goals in the 2nd with Jason Shaw scoring two & Ben Lee chipping in one. In Game 2, Mason’s defeated the Belau Kanu Club, 7-0 led by Toni Illilau’s hat trick at the 7th, 15th, & 37th minute. Here are the standings after week one.

 Kosrae gets car color! For now…

In other Micronesian sports related news, the 2012 SUV of the Year as voted by Motor Trend magazine gets a Micronesian makover.  The Range Rover Evoque, an environmentally conscious Compact crossover SUV from Land Rover comes in a unique array of colors, among them a hue called. “Kosrae Green”.  Unfortunately, the evocative green color will be joining two other extinct Kosrae species as Land Rover recently announced it will be discontinuing the color.  So get your Kosrae Green Evoque while they last!  It will only cost you $41,000 without any options.
 James Cameron to launch Historical Mission

The Mariana Trench called “Earth’s lost frontier” is about to be explored by a man known for taking us to other worlds.  Famed filmmaker, James Cameron, director of ”Avatar” and “The Abyss,” plans to pilot a one man sub seven miles down to the deepest part of the trench called the Challenger Deep and spending at least 6 hours below filming 3d footage for a documentary with partner National Geographic. Only two people, Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard and U.S. Navy Capt. Don Walsh, have ever successfully dove the Trench and that was 52 years ago! Needless to say submersibles have changed a lot during that time but even still, Cameron is currently in Guam doing extensive tests on the technologically advanced sub he helped design, the Deepsea Challenger before launching the mission.

Cameron may not be alone in his attempts explore the deep as telecom mogul Richard Branson is said to be developing a two man sub of his own.  And for those feeling adventurous themselves perhaps someday you’ll be able to procure a sub of your own like this 3 passenger Triton 3300 with a price tag of only $3 million.  No news yet if the sub will be available in Kosrae Green.
Palau Football Association
And back to local Palau sports, this Sunday marks week 2 of Palau Football League action as the 6pm match features TEAM BANGLADESH vs. BELAU Kanu CLUB and the 7pm game has the BIIB STYKERS taking on MASONS.  KRAMERS F.C. has the bye.
2012 Youth Awareness
Finally, we’ll leave you with this footage from the 2012 Youth Awareness Week, where Palau’s young athletes took part in a friendly baseball exhibition at Asahi Ballfield.
That’s it for this weeks edition of Mike-Ro sports.