Crocodile Attacks Tourist In Palau's Waters

On April 18, link 2012, discount on a sunny day in the Republic of Palau, order a tourist who was snorkeling at “Campbeck” located at the southern dock in Peleliu was attacked by a crocodile.  This is said to be the first reported crocodile attack in Palau since the 1960’s.

The tourist was on a dive tour, with a local dive company, and decided to snorkel during the lunch break between dives.    The victim, a Thai national living in Singapore, was said to be snorkeling near the mangrove area when he was bitten in the head and then the hand by the crocodile.   Some speculate that the crocodile was nesting at the time of the attack.  He apparently felt something on his head and reached atop to discover the crocodile.  He then wrestled with the crocodile, but somehow managed to break free.  With his head bleeding, he managed to swim back to the dive boat for help.  There was a nurse aboard another dive boat that provided some assistance.
Witnesses say the crocodile was between 8 and 9 feet long and that it tried to drag the tourist down.  Some Peleliu residents claim that this same crocodile has eaten several local dogs.
The victim was immediately transported by boat back to Koror and then by car to the Belau National Hospital.  The tourist is still in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.
OTV will continue to follow this story.

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  1. On April 18, 2012, @12:40 on a sunny day in the Republic of Palau, a tourist attacked by a crocodile, is .Mr.Prapavuth Narkvichrketr (Mee-his nick name). He is a Thai, living in Bangkok. He was swimming (not snorkeling) in “Campbeck” when he was attacked. The first attack came from left side @ his head but his first feel was a hard hitting with something and snapped on his head. He pulled open its out by his hands. He just realized that it was a crocodile after he saw its face-to-face underwater. The only thought in his mind is he must survive. Suddenly, the second attacked came to his right hand, again he pulled its jaw out. After that he grasped its jaw with his both hands and hold its body with his legs while it tried to pulled him down. With a moment of thought of what to do next if the croc kept on attack. Fortunately, the crocodile gave up and twisted to be free and went away. Mee decided not to swim back to the drive boat b/c he could bleed a lot to dead or the crocodile might attack him again. Then, he gradually swam to the nearest bank and slowly walked back to the boat. The victim was immediately transported by boat back to Koror and then by ambulance to the Belau National Hospital where he got 15 stitches wounds on his both hand and his head. He was hospitalized for 2 days there before returning back to Bangkok. Presently, he is waiting for hand surgery on May 1st for dislocated right thumb and damaged nerve cord in his left index finger.
    Korakod Narkvichetr

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