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Water pump burned out at Ngeruluobed Water Treatment Plant

 One of the four water pumps located at the Ngeruluobed Water Treatment Plant has burned out, no rx which caused low water flow to the community and will go on for a few weeks’. The Director of Bureau and Public Work Mr. Techur Rengulbai, ask appeared on television stating that due to recent power outages caused damage to one of the operating water pump, There has to be four water pump with three of them operating and one is on standby. But now we only have two operating water pumps with one that recently broke and one that burned out last year and is currently under repair until now. Minister Jackson Ngiraingas said that the Water Treatment Plant does not have a power regulator, which is the cause of short circuiting the water pump. According to the Bureau of Public Works, the water rationing schedule will be in effect until the problem is solved.

ROP Auditor replaced; Deloitte and Touche out, Fortenberry and Ballard in

The Palau Government has awarded the contract for a single audit report to a new firm instead of Deloitte and Touche, a firm, which has continuously handled Palau’s national audits for many years. According to Vice President Kerai Mariur, the decision to hire Fortenberry and Ballard, an off-island firm was reasonable since Deloitte and Touche is still occupied with the 2010 audit. The audit was reportedly due for release in June 2011, where it was then changed to December 2011, but did not materialize. Mariur admitted that the government might be at fault as to why the 2010 audit is taking so much time. Furthermore, a report from a local newspaper indicates that the replacement was made to hide alleged illegal over expenditures. However, Mariur stated that the government has nothing to hide and that the auditing firms have ethical standards that they follow. He further added that the government will work with the firm until the audit is completed and released.

Ngardmau denies closing of sea cucumber harvest

The Ngardmau State Legislature has adopted a resolution urging the President and the Olbiil Era Kelulau not to impose the moratorium on sea cucumbers. The resolution stated that each state should be responsible to regulate, monitor, and conserve their sea cucumber population. In addition, the moratorium can greatly affect the people of Ngardmau as many of them depend on the collection and sale of sea cucumbers for income. Last year, a vast number of sea cucumbers were harvested in Ngardmau for export. A survey was conducted thereafter to determine the impact of the harvest. Ngardmau State further urged the national government to wait for the result of the survey to make a decision.

Fishing Rights Revenues to each States

The Governors Association are urging the national government to release fishing rights revenues to each of the states. Chairman of the Association Governor Adachi expressed that each of the state depend greatly on the fishing revenue to maintain its operations. According to the association, the states have not received any funds for the 2012 fiscal year. In January, over $800,000 was collected in fishing revenues however to this day; the states have not received their promised shares. The Vice President is reportedly still waiting for the OEK to enact a law allowing the disbursement of the said funds.

 Remengesau Declared to run for President

Dleclared for Presidency

Senator Tommy Remengesau Jr., declared to run for President during his declaration ceremony on April 21, 2012. Remengesau reportedly chose to announce his candidacy on April 21, as it’s the new moon. Hundreds of supporters attended the ceremony where they also had the opportunity to express their concerns. Remengesau now joins President Toribiong in the race for the Office of the President. Sandra Pierantozzi will also be joining the race for the high office when she declares her candidacy on May 6th. Meanwhile, Senator Camsek Chin will not be running for President in this election even though hundreds of signatures has been collected for him as a Presidential candidate.

Senator Hokkons Baules accept “Plea Agreement” with the Government

Agrees plea agreement with Palau's government

Senator Hokkons Baules who was facing over 40 counts of assault and battery, disturbing the peace among other charges entered into a plea agreement with the Palau government. By signing the agreement, Baules agreed to plead guilty to seven charges of assault and battery, serve three years of probation with all but up to 90 days of jail time suspended, which the court will decide in its discretion. All other charges were dismissed.

HOD  rejects Bill in First Reading

The House of Delegates recently rejected a Senate bill in its first reading. The bill, which was introduced by Senator Diaz, seeks to limit the number of people using a single mailing box. In addition the bill also requires all candidates submitting a nominating petition to the Election Office to also include a consent allowing the public to obtain records, information or documents regarding the candidates. According to reports, rejecting a bill in its first reading is a rare action in the Olbiil Era Kelulau.

Filipino Man Charged with Possession of Narcotics, Enters Not Guilty Plea

Filipino national by the name of German Nunez has been charged with the possession and sale of illegal drugs in Palau. Nunez, who was employed by Hanpa Mart as a security guard was arrested during a buy-bust operation conducted by the Narcotics team with help from a confidential informant. A person charged with the sale of illegal drugs could serve up to 50 years of jail time and pay up to $1 million in fines.

President to deliver last SORA

President Johnson Toribiong will be delivering his last State of the Republic Address on May 1, 2012 at the Senate Chambers in Ngerulmud. Toribiong reportedly stated during his first SORA that Palau is in a precarious position. Citizens are now curious to hear the progress of the last four years.

New ROC language scholarship opens

The Republic of China-Taiwan has opened up a new scholarship opportunity for those interested in learning Mandarin. Huayu Enrichment Scholarship offers a variety of options for its recipients. The Scholarship is available to Palauan students or citizens interested in learning Mandarin. Palau National Scholarship Board is charge of processing the scholarship applicants and screening. Interested applicants have until May 18 to turn in their applications. ROC Embassy will announce the 2012 scholarship recipients at the end of June.


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