Month: May 2012

PCS Update

[hdvideo id=75] Hi I’m Toni Soalablai with this week’s environmental update from the Palau Conservation Society. Last week I talked about invasive species and the National Invasive species and the National Invasive Species Committee. Now I will talk about biosecurity. Biosecurity is a set of preventive measures designed to reduce the risk of transmission of …

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OTV Weekend Report

[hdvideo id=69] Hello thank you for joining us for this week’s news report, pilule I’m Blaire Phillips and these are the news highlights for the week.   Another Water and Power Catastrophe? A problem with one of Palau’s main water pumps has led to water shortages and a series of power outages. On Saturday April …

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Mike-Ro Sports

[hdvideo id=71] Traditional Canoe races revived in Marshalls After a seven-year hiatus, here the Marshall Islands are reviving their national outrigger canoe race. Marshall Islands President Chris Loeak met with organizers of the Marshall Islands Canoe Cup Race to discuss the promotion of the Marshallese outrigger canoe, store revival of traditional building skills and sailing. …

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