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President signed Secured Transaction Act
President of the Republic of Palau
 The Palau’s President Johnson Toribiong had signed the Secured Transaction Act and this bill will help people making their businesses a lot more easy. Also regarding in this bill business owners will be able to purchase cars, buy more about boats, or farm tools by using loan to start a business or business in the making. This new bill was supported by the Asian Development Bank.
 John Sugiyama to be Interim Managing Director of PPUC
 Pending the appointment of a new General Manager, John Sugiyama has been to head the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) on an Interim Basis. The appointment of Mr. Sugiyama was made as the PPUC Board is in the process of reviewing the credentials of the all applicants for the GM/CEO position. The resolution appointing Sugiyama was approved during was approved during the PPUC’s Board meeting on May 17th. Three have applied for the position, namely former GM Kenneth Uyehara, Kione Isechal, and a U.S. citizen Matthew Muller.
 U.S. High Official Visits Palau
U.S Assistant Secretary
One of the high officials of the department of the state government Mr. Kurt Campbell will be visiting Palau in the following week. On his arrival Mr. Campbell will be making his statement regarding the Compact status, which is still in the U.S. He will also be going to Peleliu where a press conference, which he will be conducting . President Johnson Toribiong will be attending the press conference with the Ambassador along with other high officials.
 Pacific Government Officials attended the PALM 6 summit in Japan
 Many government officials in the Pacific region attended the Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting in Okinawa, Japan President of Palau Johnson Toribiong joined with other Pacific leaders after the inauguration of President Ma of Taiwan. Governor of Koror state Yoshi-Taka Adachi and members of the Solid Waste Management also went to Japan attending a program that involves recycling and also attended the Okinawa Eco – Island Meeting conducted by the members of JICA. Delegate Noah Idechong also attended the meeting with Director Gustav Aitaro. Tia Belau news editor and OTV news reporter Kambes Kesolei also attended the same meeting with other media representatives, which the will be doing their report based on leaders that attended the meeting.
 Palau government to subsidize electricity
The Palau government will reportedly provide subsidy to the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) to lift the power hike burden from the public. President Johnson Toribiong announced the news this week saying that he will be including the proposal in the 2013 Fiscal Year budget reportedly in the amount of $2.5 million. Toribiong reportedly met with PPUC’s board of directors regarding the tariff increase that is set to come into effect in October of this year. During the meeting, the board reportedly emphasized PPUC’s need to increase the power rates from what it currently makes. PPUC reportedly spends $2 million a month on fuel alone, so the increase of tariff is necessary to continue operations. Previous reports shows that five Senators known as the minority group sent letters to the President urging him to provide at least $2.4 million subsidy to PPUC to prevent the implementation of the power rate increase. The Senators noted that the action is urgently needed to relieve the public from suffering. The same Senators also sent a letter to the PPUC board urging them to work with government in settling outstanding debt.
President resolves Nurses demands
President Toribiong last Thursday during his weekly press conference, signed an executive order upgrading the nursing office into a bureau in the Ministry of Health. Under the Executive Order No. 309, which was signed by the President on Thursday May 17th at the old Senate office in Koror, which the Bureau of Nursing will be headed by the Chief Nurse. The president recently found out that the nurses were paid $300 bi-weekly and was also informed that the Chief Nurse makes less than $25,000 annually. Under the 2012 supplemental budget proposed by the president stated that all government employees will receive a $20 COLA and that all nurses including the Chief Nurse will have an additional $20 for their paycheck towards living expenses. For the 2013 fiscal year budget the president and his staff will work together towards implementing a pay differential for nurses, that way nurses entering the workforce for the first time will not be paid the minimum.
Unlicensed Filipino Fishermen in Palau Waters
Fishing Vessel Illegaly Entering Palau Waters
An unlicensed Filipino fishing vessel was caught illegally fishing in Palau waters and there were approximately 40 fishermen on board. These Filipino fishermen were caught with the help of the U.S. National Coast Guard. This operation was supported by an agreement of the U.S. government based on the protection of the Palau waters. These 40 Filipino fishermen are now in custody of the Marine Law and will waiting for upcoming charges. According to Marine Law Officers, rat and cockroach infestation was found within the vessel. The crew was ordered to dock a few feet from land until their vessel is inspected. Both Filipino vessels are under Palau’s custody and still under investigation.
 Youth Ambassadors Camp held this Summer
Today the government of Taiwan have clarified that there will be another interactive program this summer for various students in Palau. This upcoming month of July the government of Taiwan will be sending seven students of Taiwan to join this particular program and also share some of their culture, languages and etc to students of the Republic of Palau. This program will be held for two weeks in the Palau Community College. This will give Taiwanese students the opportunity to learn some of Palauan cultures, languages and etc. Right now the office of the Taiwan government will also be taking students that are interested the join the program. Those that are interested please contact the office of the Taiwan government 488-8150.
 High School Students Graduation
At Sunday May 13th, 2012 a graduation ceremony was held for the Palau Mission Academy students class of 2012 at the Ngarachamayong Cultural Center. On Thursday May 24th 2012 The Palau High School students Class of 2012 had it’s graduation ceremony at the Palau Community College track and field. OTVs’ staff would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2012 and we would also like to congratulate the Palau High School students that had their senior career practicum and for completing it. Congratulations to all Class of 2012.
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