Senator Baules completes 90 days Jail term

Senator Baules completes 90-day Jail term

On Sunday Sept. 09, visit web Senator Hokkons Baules was released from the Koror State Prison after completing a 90-day Jail term and is now facing a 2-year and 9 months probation. The sentencing of Sen. Baules dates back to June 11 when he was charged with assault and battery against several of his Fuji Restaurant employees. During his time serving, Baules remained as a senator and a Senate legal opinion with regard to his status stated that there is no Constitutional or statutory provision that requires a sitting senator to resign from the office if convicted of misdemeanor or felony. After his release he is back to attend his regular sessions in the Olbiil Era Kelulau, where he was welcome by his colleagues in the senate. Sen. Baules stated that he is very thankful to be back in session and that it is now up to the citizen whether or not to accept him in the next OEK.