Increasing number of violent crimes a national crisis says Palau’s Traditional Chiefs

Koror, sickness Palau –Palau’s traditional chiefs has taken the lead in addressing the rise of violent crimes in the country by declaring the issue a national crisis, troche and is calling upon the community as a whole to “join forces in addressing the case of the rise of violent crimes.”

“In the past several months, buy we have seen a number of violent crimes in our community that have resulted in severe injuries and loss of lives, and we have not seen in our history in such a short period of time the number of violent incidents and loss of lives unrelated to war”, says the Chiefs.

The Chiefs further stressed the many incidents, which resulted in loss of lives including last year’s hacking death of a Filipina worker and another incident that resulted in a death of a Japanese citizen. “The violent incidents and crimes that occurred within the recent past against many people, national and foreign guests… and most recently the violent and gruesome knife assault that resulted in the taking of the life of a young and promising Palauan son and the permanent maiming of another, have affected the very foundation of our society…” stressed the Chiefs.

The declaration urges all sectors to work in unison. “The increase in violent incidents and crimes have reached a crisis point that requires concrete and timely action from all sectors of the Palauan society”.

“We urge the entire Palauan leadership, elected leaders and traditional leaders, and the general public to join hands in combating this new menace of violent crimes now on the rise in our community…” pressed the Chiefs.

The Chiefs also noted that such incidents may be related to alcohol and drug use. “There are disturbing signs that the increase in violent crimes and incidents may be related to the use of alcohol and other mind altering substances, which make it all the more imperative and urgent that steps be taken to address the root causes.”

The declaration was endorsed by 14 of Palau’s traditional chiefs also known as the Council of Chiefs on Wednesday September 12, 2012. It is the first step that the country’s traditional leaders have taken in efforts to address such issue.

By: Rolynda Jonathan

2 thoughts on “Increasing number of violent crimes a national crisis says Palau’s Traditional Chiefs”

  1. Thank you, Council of Chiefs! Finally, accepting the FACT that this IS a NATIONAL CRISIS! So much to do but this is the first step!
    Where are the president and the other elected leaders? Obviously, they have their thumbs up their behinds worrying about their precious election. The government cannot even be the first to make a mere declaration.
    Palauans, especially those in Palau, should seriously step back and look OBJECTIVELY at themselves… highest rates of marijuana and beer in the world… these are some of the results of these disgusting records Palauans have set for themselves.
    If beer chugging were an Olympic sport, Palau would finally get a gold medal.

  2. The survey about beer and marijuana is merely based on population! I don’t think it is fair to judge Palauans based on those results! If you were a true Palauan you would defend Palauans instead of saying things like “these are some of the results of these disgusting records Palauans have set for themselves.”

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