Pierantozzi Supports Toribiong – Game Changer?

Former Presidential candidate Sandra Sumang-Pierantozzi has committed her support to current President Johnson Toribiong in his bid for re-election.  While in Hawaii the former Presidential candidate announced “I am voting for Johnson Toribiong and I ask my supporters to do the same.”  In  a phone interview with OTV  Ms. Pierantozzi confirmed her position.

Vice-President Candidate Sandra Sumang-Pierantozzi
Former Presidential Candidate Sandra Sumang-Pierantozzi

Pierantozzi’s support makes this a closer race for Palaus President.  In the primary election Sumang-Pierantozzi carried 18% of the vote.  If all of her supporters shift to candidate Johnson Toribiong, more about who carried 33%, buy the margin for the upcoming Presidential election narrows to within a few percentage points.
Miss Sumang-Pierantozzi has announced her candidacy  for Senate as a write-in candidate where 34 candidates are now competing for 13 seats. The other write in candidate is Semdiu Decherong who announced after a group of supporters asked him to do so.
These are the results of the primary for president.

Tommy E. Remengesau Jr.  1 4617 49%
Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi  2 1690 18%
Johnson Toribiong  3 3100 33%