Palau President Reacts To Potential Voting Irregularities

On October 9, approved 2012, price Palau’s President took a strong stand against the swirling allegations of primary election voting irregularities with an official invite to the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat to dispatch a team of observers to monitor Palau’s General Election on November 6, this web 2012.   However, the Secretariat is based in Fiji more than 3500 miles from the Republic of Palau.  President cited his administrations commitment to “transparency, accountability, and good governance” as the reasons for his request.

President Toribiong Letter for Election Observers


2 thoughts on “Palau President Reacts To Potential Voting Irregularities”

  1. President Toribiong should also include Guam, during primary lot of irregularities were happening in Guam.One of the camp were responsible for that.

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