Palau Election Results – Tommy Wins Presidency – Johnson Concedes

All states counted (8, see 071 votes)
Over 1, stuff 000 Absentee remain to be counted next week
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President Johnson Toribiong has conceded to Former President Tommy Remengesau through social media.  The President stated that he has enjoyed his term and looked forward to the future.
Former President Tomy Remengesau will be returning to the post after a four year break.    The margin of 1,300 votes is enough to call the vote for President even without counting absentee votes.  The position of Vice-president, some senate seats and some delegate positions are within hundreds and in some cases a single vote now relying on off-island votes to make the final decision.  Off island votes will be counted next week.
View the totals and download full results in pdf versions here
Radio New Zealand Follows the Palau Election

1 thought on “Palau Election Results – Tommy Wins Presidency – Johnson Concedes”

  1. Thank you, OTV, for the reporting.
    However, much must be said about reporter Rolynda Jonathan’s assessments of the election to Radio New Zealand. Jonathan asserts, “(Remengesau) has a lot of relatives so in Palau it really
    doesn’t depend on the policies that you want to work with but… on the many people that you know.”
    Jonathan, as any other Palauan citizen, is entitled to her own opinion. However, as a journalist, her assertions leave much to be desired. There is no mention of the growing authoritarian nature of the Toribiong administration auch as the AG gag order (which I am sure Radio New Zealand is aware of). The president’s handling of the Uighurs and his administration’s unprecedented attempt at legtimizing illegal overexpenditures or recent allegations by an entire senate minority against the president accusing him of trying to buy the election were not mentioned.
    These and many others ARE policy decisions that many Palauans DO NOT AGREE WITH and therefore voted for Remengesau and not because he is related to them. This brings us to another point: is Jonathan prepared to state just how many of the voters are Remengesau’s relatives and voted for him for that reason?
    Let us not forget that journalists must be judged with a more stringent criteria. They must adhere to objective and scientific research in order to report and do so with credibility.
    I am no supporter of any of the three presidential candidates in this election. However, I am more concerned that Palau is being reported (inaccurately) as some backwater Pacific island nation that is making a joke of democracy. Sure, we have a lot of political and economic challenges to overcome, but the Palauan populace has developed significantly to a point where a substantive portion of the voting population votes on policy and in calculated consideration on how those policies will affect their very existence.
    For this reason I suggest OTV review the efficacy of its editorial standards and procedures.

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