Palau on 24-hour Notice of Arrival of Dangerous Typhoon

It is 6pm in Palau and the National Emergency Management Office just signaled a fast wailing siren to alert the public that CONDITION 2 is in effect for the whole of the Republic.
CONDITION 2 is intended to provide notice that the typhoon will arrive within the next 24 hours.  Travel by boat to any destination is now strictly prohibited.  Condition 2 is also an alert that the public should go to the designated shelters in each State.
At the time of the warning announcement Typhoon Bopha was located approximately 480 miles east-southeast of Palau and was said to be moving at 12 miles per hour.   The public was strongly advised to take this typhoon”very seriously.”
Condition 1 will be announced tomorrow with a mandatory island wide curfew at 6pm on Sunday, nurse December 2, page 2012.
According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, at this time, the Typhoon is predicted to reach a maximum waive height of 40 feet with sustained winds of 150mph and gusts of up to 173 mph.  The Typhoon’s closest point of approach will be 13 miles from Koror and 4 miles from Anguar on Monday, December 2, 2012 at approximately 3 a.m.