Palau is Set to Get Lashed By A “One in A Million” Typhoon

By Kassi Berg

The air that now blankets Palau is warm, cure dry, buy information pills still, viagra sale and disturbingly ominous.  Palau’s sky has reason to brood for in less than 24 hours Typhoon Bopha is predicted to make landfall on the tiny nation of the Republic of Palau with a near direct hit.  This typhoon has been securing strength and intensity while at sea and is expected to be a monster typhoon with a violent entry.
As of 4am on December 2, 2012,  this typhoon is predicted to sustain 150-mph winds and 180-mph gusts when it reaches Palau on early morning Monday.  If that were not enough, storm force winds extend out from the center to 120 miles and maximum wave height is now estimated at 48 feet.
Typhoon Bopha defies all parameters with intense rainfall, huge diameters and fierce, harnessed winds.  Yet, what makes Typhoon Bopha a “typhoon in a million” is that it has developed five-degrees from the equator, an area which is not covered by the “Coriolis force.”   The Coriolis effect forces a counterclockwise rotation for all storms in the Northern Hemisphere (storms south of the equator rotate clockwise).   According to Wikpedia, since records began, only thirteen tropical cyclones have ever existed between 5°N and 5°S of the equator.
Palau lies on the edge of the typhoon belt and has never seen a typhoon of this magnitude.

6 thoughts on “Palau is Set to Get Lashed By A “One in A Million” Typhoon”

  1. Did this lady really just quote Wikipedia?! Palauans gotta step it up. Not even elementary students can use wikipedia as a source. GOD help us all.

  2. kevinchat,
    The part of her article that matters isn’t Wikipedia. Besides, how do you know wikipedia didn’t copy her or other Palauans? Main thing right now is for Palauans to get information any way they can.

  3. Hey, what happened to the other comment? Yes, the one that criticizes OTV’s editorial practices, specifically in terms of quoting wikipedia for their reports.
    Could OTV be suffering from a bloated head by recent legal victories against Alfonso Diaz and MBTV? Is it resulting in the use of censorship?

  4. Was on Guam during Supertyphoon Pongsona in December 2002. The calm before the storm was identical to the one happening now in Palau as described above: strangely calm and sunny, but there is a heaviness in the air.
    The projected sustained winds and gusts for Bopha exceed Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, both in sustained winds and peak gusts. Not to frighten or depress anyone but if you know anyone taking any chances, please convince him or her to take this very seriously, board up and/or seek designated shelters.
    Several hours remain before the curfew, PLEASE take ALL precautions.
    Let us all join together in prayer for all in Palau now, during, and after this challenging moment for our nation.
    God Bless Us All.

  5. Stay safe Palau. We’ll pray for you all. This is the time where we put our differences aside, whatever they may be, and help each other. God bless you all.

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