Palau Prostitution Ring Investigation Leads Suspect Feng Jui (aka "Richard") Huang To Publicly Plead for His Life

By Rolynda Jonathan

Koror, help Palau – Nearly a week after Palau police officers raided two establishments over suspicion of a prostitution ring, stomach a Taiwanese national connected to both establishments is now pleading “for his life” in a letter he posted online in Mandarin. The letter has appeared in the Taipei Times and was posted on Thursday December 27, 2012 stating that he has been wrongfully accused of forcing women into prostitution and engaging in money laundering in Palau.
Feng Jui Huang also known as “Richard” has not yet been charged with any offenses, but in his online letter, he said he faces the risk of being killed by other inmates if jailed and that he has “a slim chance of survival,”  reports Taipei Times.
Huang  claims he is an “investor” in the Republic of Palau.  However, Palau’s labor office confirmed that Huang does not hold an investor permit, but instead is a foreign worker.  Other information indicates that Huang the General Manager of Ever Rich Management Company, a management company that manages the DW Motel.   The President of Palau’s brother, Lucius Malsol (“Lucky)”, is the owner of Ever Rich Management Company. Huang’s wife, in an unrelated matter, recently testified in the Palau Supreme Court that Huang was also the “General Manager” of the Shangri-La Spa.
The AG’s office has confirmed that an investigation into the matter continues in conjunction with the Bureau of Public Safety.  The investigator in charge of this case is Chief Ismael Aguon, who has been involved in the investigation of other money laundering cases.   The prosecutor in charge of this ongoing investigation is currently on vacation and could not be reached for comment.
The police raided both establishments last week after six Shangri-La employees lodged a complaint with the Division of Labor claiming they were forced to sell sex services. Several items were seized during the raid including documentation belonging to Huang, more than $10,000 cash, and his vehicles.
Yesterday, Huang requested assistance from the Embassy of the Republic of China-Taiwan in obtaining an attorney, however sources say as of today, he is still without an attorney.
Shangri-La’s business license, lease, and bank accounts do not appear under the name of Ever Rich Management, Lucky Malsol or Richard Huang, but under the name of a Palauan police officer.
In addition to pleading for his life, Huang urged Taiwanese not to invest in Palau or to consider the country as a destination for travel. He also urged the Taiwan government to stop all aid provided to the country.

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