Palau Votes “No” To Anti-Nazi U.N. Resolution

Only three countries have seen fit to vote against a United Nations resolution condemning the widespread glorification of the Nazi movement and of former members of the SS.  The Resolution was initiated by Russia as a result of serious concerns over the threatening proliferation of extremist movements, web such as those advocating Nazi ideology.
United Nation Passes Anti-Nazi Resolution
The Resolution specifically condems the construction of memorials honoring former Nazis, the destruction of WWII war memorials and the holding of public pro-Nazi demonstrations.   Israel, Syria Iran joined together, in a rare show of unisance, to vote in favor of the resolution and more than 40 countries were co-authors of the Resolution.
The UN General Assembly adopted the resolution with a total of 130 countries voting in favor of the resolution and 54 countries abstaining.  Palau, Canada, and the United States were the only countries voting against it.   The USA and Canada both fought against the Nazi regime in WWII.
Palau has not yet made a public comment about their “no” vote.
The United States has stated that “individual freedoms of expression and association should be robustly protected, even when the ideas represented by such expression are offensive or hateful,” Teri Robi, United States Deputy Representative, US Mission to the UN.

1 thought on “Palau Votes “No” To Anti-Nazi U.N. Resolution”

  1. This is an outrage. Please get the Palau government’s statement on this issue. Anyway, there really is no justification for Palau’s “no” vote on this resolution.
    The Nazis were among the worst scum to ever exist on this planet. Why is the Palau government supporting this resolution?
    Palau, it is clear your votes are to get more money from the US. The world know this. Do you think your UN votes are seen by other countries as based on principle? No; the world knows Palau is a third-world nation heavily dependent on foreign aid, especially American aid.
    So not only is Palau counted out as a US puppet in the UN, Palau is now supporting this heinous resolution.
    Millions of lives were lost and many suffered indescribable horrors at the hands of the Nazis. This is a BIG MISTAKE by Palau and heads have to roll.
    Freedom of expression? There are limits to the things we should allow to be “expressed.”
    There is a rising tide of neo-Nazism and similar hate-based ideologies around the world. It was appeasement that helped the Nazis take power and it is this “tolerance” by the US, Canada and now Palau that lets these disgusting ideas take shape today.
    BIG MISTAKE, Palau.

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