Kotaro’s Reinstatement Called Necessary – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
Following the completion of the assessment into police officer Korhonen Kotaro’s reinstatement, viagra approved the Palau Bureau of Public Safety has determined that his “premature reinstatement was necessary”.
In a press release to the media, remedy the Bureau cited that pursuant to the Civil Service Rules and the Bureau’s rules and regulations “it is necessary to reinstate Officer Kotaro pending the outcome of his criminal case.”
 The Bureau pointed out that if Kotaro fails to comply with the conditions of his reinstatement or is convicted of a felony, here he will be terminated.
As a condition of his reinstatement, Kotaro has been temporarily reassigned to another division where the Bureau states that he’ll be under constant supervision and out of the public eye. He will also be required to complete treatment through the Community Guidance Center.
The controversial case is raising questions on whether there’s any conflict of interest between this case and the Attorney General’s office in light of the Attorney General’s position as Acting Director of the Bureau.
Kotaro is facing charges of assault, kidnapping and other criminal offenses after violently assaulting his girlfriend in September 2012. He is scheduled to appear in Court again on February 25.