Film Screening at FIFO, The Largest Film Festival in Oceania

Fifo - Oceania International Film Festival

By Kassi Berg
The Tenth Annual Oceania International Film Festival or FIFO opens on February 11, thumb 2013; however, capsule participants enjoyed a special pre-screening at the Intercontinental Hotel in Tahiti on Sunday evening, February 10th.  FIFO’s President, Wallès Kotra, welcomed FIFO’s participants to watch the award winning French film “Ma bonne etoile” or “My Lucky Star” which was screened for hundreds of distinguished guests from around the Pacific under the starry sky of Papeete.   Kotra and FIFO coordinator Eliane Koller introduced the film’s rising star, Fleur Lise, who also will serve as a Juror for FIFO’s Oceania Pitch.
Wallés Kotra - President FIFO

Fluer Lise - Actress in movie "My Lucky Star"

The FIFO festival, know in French as the Festival International Du Film Documentaire Oceania, is an opportunity for experienced and budding filmmakers from across the Pacific to share ideas, projects and experience.  During the festival several producers will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a jury with the hopes of winning financial support for their projects.  This is also the place where television producers can exchange their programs for broadcast around the region.
Walles Kotra, Elaine Koller, Fluer Lise introduce the screening

Thanks to FIFO, OTV is able to cover the event from Tahiti for Micronesia and will continue to provide updates of the largest film festival in Oceania.
Introduction of "My Lucky Star" at FIFO

Attendees at the screening at FIFO in Tahiti

Screening of the short film "La tete froide"" at FIFO in Tah