Temengil’s Ministerial Appointment Confirmed, Others Deferred

By Rolynda Jonathan

 On Wednesday February 13, story the Palau Senate confirmed the appointment of Baklai Temengil to head the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs.
 Temengil has served as the Secretary General of the Palau National Olympic Committee promoting sports education and development for a number of years.
Although, prostate three other ministerial appointees were up for reconsideration during the same session, the Senate deferred their consideration for the next session day.
 Andrew Tabelual for the Ministry of Education, Secilil Eldebechel for the Ministry of Finance and Greg Ngirmang for the Ministry of Health will be reconsidered in another session.
 With Fleming Umiich Sengebau and now Temengil confirmed as the President’s cabinet members, two ministries still remain without appointments – the Ministry of State and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce. The President did reveal during his press conference this week that he is waiting for confirmation from a nominee for the State Ministry before he submits his name to the Senate.