Campaign Launched To Address Power Thieves In The Marshalls – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
The Marshalls Energy Company (MEC) launched campaign to stop power thieves in the country.
Beginning early in February, doctor the company began inspecting and renewing seals on all power meters in the capital city of Majuro.
MEC General Manager David Paul says the company begun inventorying meters and meter numbers to update the system, sickness but found more than 25 residences cheating on power during the inspection process.
The number of power thieves is expected to go up in the coming weeks as utility crews continues to inspect more meters on Majuro.
As part of the campaign to deter people from meter tampering, the company published a spread on the local newspaper – the Marshall Islands Journal titled, “Illegal hookups – Names of Shame” listing a total of 28 customers who were tampering with utility meters.
Customers or individuals who are caught tampering with meters, is subjected to an immediate disconnection in addition to $1,000 fine and a $100 reconnection fee.