Alingano Maisu Crew Rescued; Returned To Palau – VIDEO

By Rolynda Jonathan

On Monday March 1 at about 6:29 am, tadalafil the crew on board the Alingano Maisu, what is ed who were on a trip as part of the traditional voyaging program of Palau Community College, made a distressed call after parts of the hull began to sink.
With the quick response and communication between the Public Safety, Marine Law and the U.S. Coast Guard, the crew were rescued by a cargo ship and then transferred on to the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter by midday.
Amazingly, the crew was safely returned back to Palau twelve hours after they made their initial distress call.
PCC and the Micronesian Voyaging Society are now working on retrieving the Alingano Maisu in hopes to repair the damaged hull and keep the voyaging program going.
[hdvideo id=216]