American Robotic Students Prepares For Second Trip To Palau – VIDEO

By Rolynda Jonathan

Students from Stockbridge High School in Missouri are preparing to visit Palau once again to search for remains of missing WWII soldiers.
The excited group of students from the school’s robotics team is set to depart to Palau on March 20th to team up with the Bent Prop Project for the two weeklong project.
Like last year’s trip, physician the students will use an underwater robotic device they built to search for remains of missing American servicemen in Palau. The group will be looking at four primary targets, ampoule which includes a downed B-24 bomber with 11 missing crew
In addition to working with Bent Prop, the group will also getting help from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, who conducted a sonar sweep of targets students will cover.
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