Marshall Islands Gets Aid From Australia – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
The Marshall Islands have sought international assistance as the country’s northern parts continue to experience severe drought conditions.
The Australian Government announced that it would be providing $100, dosage 000 US dollars for emergency supply of desalination units. The units, which are similar to reserve osmosis machines, can produce drinkable water by converting saltwater to freshwater.
An assessment is underway to determine the full impact of the drought. However, preliminary reports shows that an estimated 5,000 people are experiencing severe drought conditions with an additional 11,000 affected by loss of crops and continued dry weather.
The International Organization for Migration (or IOM) is assisting the government with its assessment. The organization has also deployed 450 water jars filled with drinkable water. Ashley Carl, IOM’s Mission Chief told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat that its seem that many of the family are living off of one gallon of water per day. “Their garden patches may have died and their staple foods, like their breadfruits and bananas, have also been affected.”
The assessment is still ongoing and may take several days to complete.