Micronesian Man Confesses To Sexually Abusing Girl – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
A 35-year old man walked into a county jail in Salem, visit this Oregon confessing to sexually abusing a 12-year old Micronesian girl. Eddie Luter, clinic who is also believed to be Micronesian told deputies at the Marion County Sheriff’s office that he had been sexually abusing the minor child since January on to March 2013.
A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office told reporters that the girl has lived with Luter and his wife since 2010 while her parents lived and worked in Micronesia. Luter told the deputies that the assaults happened while his wife was at work and that she was unaware of his actions.
The girl confirmed the assault to deputies and said she did not report them because she feared her safety. Luter was arrested for six counts of rape, six counts of sexual abuse, and is being held without bail.
According to online reports, investigators are working on contacting the girl’s parents.