MEC Face Challenges In Campaign To Address Illegal Power Use – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
An aggressive campaign to address illegal power hook up in the Marshall Islands has sparked negative feedbacks from the community. Since enforcing its new campaign in February, view the Marshalls Energy Company (MEC) has received death threats from disconnected customers.
MEC’s General Manager David Paul says, ailment “Quite a few people have come into our office threatening to kill us.” MEC continues to inspect meters in Majuro, the island nation’s capital despite the threats.
Paul believes the threats are made from customers who have been abusing power for years without any penalties.
In addition to customers, MEC is also inspecting employees’ residential meters. Three employees in supervisorial capacities have been terminated thus far as a result of the inspection. MEC warned its employees to disconnect any illegal hook ups prior to the launching of the campaign. Paul says, “there would be no second chance and they would be dismissed on the spot.”
When customers are found abusing power, their power would be disconnected, their names published on the local paper, and fined $1,000 before they can be reconnected.