Emergency Response Team Dispatched To The Marshalls – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
An emergency response team from the New Zealand Red Cross has been dispatched to aid drought stricken populations in the Marshall Islands. The team consisting of three aid workers with over 500 pounds in equipments is set to assist the country with a potential humanitarian crisis.
The team is tasked to establish low capacity potable water relief to affected populations using solar powered water making units such as the reverse osmosis units. According to the New Zealand Red Cross, side effects the team will also develop water usage and hygiene plans with local communities.
As the government elevated the emergency status to a national disaster, search water supplies have dried up with agriculture loss as the northern region continues to battle prolonged dry conditions.
Australia and U.S. government have provided relief including dispatching large containers filled with freshwater.
Rainfalls are expected to relieve conditions by the end of the month.