Greater Efforts Required To Address Increasing Levels Of CO2 – VIDEO

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 By Rolynda Jonathan
Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere have reached alarming levels.
Last week, decease the Mauna Loa Observation Laboratory in Hawaii recorded an average of 400 parts per million (or ppm) of CO2 measurements for the first time.
Espen Ronneberg, about it SPREP’s Climate Change Adviser told PACNEWS that it may be a symbolic mark, ampoule but it also shows us clearly that much greater efforts are required if we are to safeguard life on earth.
Although, the Pacific only accounts for 0.03 percent of the world’s global CO2 emissions, the region is taking significant measures for energy efficiency and renewable energy to which Ronneberg pointed out that, “since our emissions are so insignificant it will not make a dent in the CO2 trajectory.”
Despite the Pacific’s effort to address climate change and global warning, Ronneberg says, “Pacific Island countries are among the first to be affected by its impacts and the damages will not be within our ability to cope.”