New Casino Bill Introduced In The Palau Senate – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
A new casino bill has been introduced in the Senate, ed nearly two years after voters rejected the establishment of casino gaming in Palau.
The bill introduced by Senator Hokkons Baules calls for the establishment of the Palau Casino Gaming Control Commission for the purpose of attracting high end tourism.
Stating that the OEK is aware that gambling is a controversial issue, salve the bill further aims to incorporate provisions to protect the people of Palau despite the rejection of its establishment in 2011.
Over 75 percent of voters rejected the establishment of casino gaming in the Republic through a referendum.
In the past, patient elected lawmakers have proposed the idea of establishing casino gaming in Palau numerous times in efforts to increase revenue and entice tourists.
Within the last 10 years, casino bills made it out of the Olbiil Era Kelulau but failed to receive approval from the head of state.